Glee Season 4 Captures Added

I’ve added over 100 captures of Jesse from his guest appearance on the fourth season of Glee.

Law & Order: LA and NCIS Captures added!

I’ve added captures of Jesse from NCIS and Law & Order: LA into the gallery.

Spymates Web Series (Video)

Check out Jesse and his good friend David Racki in their original web series Spymates about two buddies who find out they’re suppose to kill each other as their first assignments as spies. If you need a good laugh, then I highly recommend checking this series out. It was hilarious!

Spymates Web Series Captures added!

I’ve added over 400+ captures of Jesse from the web series Spymates from 2011.

Greek and Three Rivers Captures Added

I’ve added over 40 HD captures of Jesse from some of his earlier guest work on late television shows Three Rivers and Greek into the gallery.

Grand Opening!

Welcome to Jesse Luken Fan! I’m so very excited to finally have the site open. I’ve been a fan of Jesse for some time now and aside from being a fan of his acting, he as a person is pretty awesome as well. So long story short I couldn’t fight the urge to want to show my support. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!