Jesse Talks with BuddyTV About Eric’s Evolution and His Friendship with Grayson

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Eric really doesn’t like the Atrians. Does that feeling hold throughout the season?

It gets chipped away. I think Eric gets exposed to different layers of the Atrians that he hadn’t seen before. He’s exposed to the reality of what the Atrians are. It’s like any prejudice, you know, it usually comes from a place of not ignorance and not knowing any better. As the Atrian 7 are in school more often and interacting more often his perspective on the whole thing goes through an evolution for sure.

Grayson intervenes in a conflict between the Atrians and the Humans, does he have any influence on Eric?

Eric and Grayson are best friends, so I’d say they both influence each other’s thoughts. That’s actually a theme that comes up a lot throughout the season is Eric and Grayson sort of struggling with their own fears and prejudices and trying to help the other one see their own point of view. Without giving out too much, it’s definitely interesting.

We see Grayson has a connection to the Red Hawks, but he’s hesitant to that connection. Is Eric aware of that? Or, is that something that’s even secret from him?

Eric is aware of it. There’s a level of Grayson that’s a secret from Eric and secret from everybody, but Eric is at least at a superficial level aware.

I spoke with Executive Producer Meredith Averill last week and she mentioned that in episode 5, we find out that one of the humans is secretly an Atrian. How that affect the characters?

It doesn’t come out for a while. The Human that is revealed to be an Atrian is not revealed publicly. And so, this person is revealed to a select number of people. They all have to work to conceal it for a couple episodes. It’s somebody very unexpected.

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