JustJared Jr: Eric Gets a Love Interest & Which Human is Really an Atrian?!

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JustJaredJr.com: Hi Jesse! So last week, we learned the reason Eric hates Atrians so much is because his family lost a business due to the Sector. But we did get a glimpse at his sympathetic side too. Will we continue to see Eric struggle with his opinions?
Jesse Luken:
Throughout the season, Eric’s view of Atrians evolves and devolves a little, and then evolves. Yeah, he does go through some changes. I think it’s great because it’s relatable. This is where all prejudice is generally based, from a lack of understanding and knowledge. And Eric’s just never been around Atrians. They’ve been in the Sector. They caused his family a lot of pain and financial ruin, but this is the first time he’s actually been around them. I wouldn’t say he does a 180 or anything, but he struggles a lot with this view that has been instilled in him by his father.

JJJ: Tell us about your audition process. What was that like?
They were, at that time, very stressed out (laughs). They were sort of yelling things down the hall. I knew the casting director a little bit because she had called me a few times for other things. I remember I had three auditions that day. It was in the middle of pilot season and it was really busy. I got a call from my agent who was calling with my manager, which that generally means it’s a good thing. But when I heard from them, I remember they said that I booked Star-Crossed, and I was like, “That was the last one I thought I would have booked from the three.”

JJJ: What do you like to do in your free time?
I’m a very simple redneck. I have two dogs and we go camping, hiking, running. I play baseball. I’m a pretty simple dude, I guess. I love being outdoors and being around nature, and not just in that cliche way. If I’m not doing it for a while, I start to get irritable.

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