Jesse Luken Speaks on Justified Death, Surprising Star-Crossed Storyline

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Why do you think Jimmy was able to survive so long? Everyone around Boyd seems to die, but Jimmy had a long run.
Yeah. I agree. I’m grateful for it. I think Jimmy did well keeping his head down. As Boyd’s henchmen tended to do, they were either too stupid or too ambition and a lot of Boyd’s guys have tried in vain to kind of branch off on their own or double-cross Boyd or make a deal or get to big for their birches and then make like Icarus and fly too close to the sun and get burned. Jimmy understood his place. He wasn’t as smart as Boyd, but he was smart enough to realize that and kept his head down and follow.

Why do you think he stuck around so long, especially after he killed the man for Ava?
That was a tough — that episode I thought was a really good episode in that it presented an interesting moral dilemma and it was felt down the line into Jimmy. It was a really tough choice for Boyd and then Jimmy kinda had a reaction like, “Are you serious? I’m not working for you to murder grandfathers in the back seat of a truck.”

But, I think Jimmy’s fiercely loyal and I was grateful that they gave the line that he tried to alert Boyd at the end. I think his loyalty ultimately ended up costing him, but it was it was his calling card throughout the arc.

When did you find out that Jimmy was going to be killed?
I found out about two or three weeks for we shot it. [Executive Producer] Graham Yost called and I hadn’t a script yet. The call was a number I didn’t know. I immediately — I picked up and he said, “It’s Graham Yost.” I said, “Oh, shit. Really?” And, he said, “Yeah, really,” because you know when Graham calls there’s kinda only one reason for it. So, yeah we had a really nice conversation and that was how I found out.

How was it shooting that scene?
It was pretty grueling. It was simultaneously the most difficult and the most rewarding shooting day I think I’ve ever had. It was six hours or so of shooting that scene from different angles and trying to keep the emotion up and having my mouth taped and not being able to say anything but trying to convey to Boyd that I was sorry that I had gotten us into this. At this point, I think Jimmy believes they are both going down. Boyd obviously makes it through the finale, but I think Jimmy looks at Boyd and thinks this is the end of both of us and I’m sorry.

Now that Jimmy’s gone, Boyd has nobody left. How do you foresee Boyd moving forward?
I think that has we have seen towards the end of this season and going into next season, I think Boyd is tired. I think he’s sick of the life. It’s the only life he know and the only life he’s good at, but Boyd’s evolution is going to — he’s really really at the end of his rope. I think you’re probably going to see in season 6 a very desperate Boyd and a desperate Boyd is an incredibly interesting Boyd because he’s so cunning and smart and charismatic and all those things.

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