Zap2It: Jesse teases Eric and Julia’s romance in ‘Give Me a Torch’ — Although a hurricane tore apart two of “Star-Crossed’s” beloved couples, it brought a new pairing closer together. Things are heating up between Eric (Jesse Luken) and Julia (Malese Jow) — especially after that sweet post-storm kiss.

Luken tells Zap2it that Eric is a work in progress, but Julia will help him grow. “The amount that he cares for her sort of forces him to open his mind,” he says. “With any ignorance or intolerance, it’s usually just based on a lack of understanding, a lack of knowledge of the other. When he sort of forces his mind open based on this girl, I think that is what causes the evolution in his thought process.”

It’s no coincidence that a show with a title like “Star-Crossed” contains more than one allusion to Shakespeare — have you read the episode titles? They’re all “Romeo & Juliet” quotes — and Luken says Eric’s anger is appropriate for the story.

“When I first read the script and with the title referring to ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ I thought it was really apropos and fun that Eric seems very much like Tybalt, which is just like rage personified. It’s sort of a singular one track mind in the beginning with him. He thinks he’s right and he thinks everyone should see the world the way he sees it, and he’s very angry and frustrated when people do not.”

Of course, Eric needed a good redemption arc, and he seems to be getting one. “There’s only so much punching lockers and wrapping up attempted murders you can do before you’re just irredeemable,” Luken cracks.

“Star-Crossed” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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