Jesse Gets un-Crossed with Young Adult Mag

Jesse Luken is an accomplished actor who is serious about his work, but doesn’t forget the fun part either. Known for his outstanding work in the film 42 as well as the show Justified, the actor sat down with us to discuss his current and upcoming projects, and cussing in front of children.

YOUNG ADULT: What is the most interesting part of being part of new series, Star-Crossed?
Jesse Luken:
It’s really awesome to be part of a show from the ground up. You truly get a sense of how the world is evolving as time goes on; it’s a wonderful and exciting experience. Star-Crossed is a fantastic show, drawing from incredibly varied themes. It’s got a tremendous love story but also deals with social issues like prejudice and integration, all while being set in this futuristic Sci-Fi backdrop. It’s very dope.

YA: Talk to us about being involved in the popular show Justified. What have been the standout experiences?
Justified is simply outstanding. The rich characters, snappy dialogue and first-class acting made it just a tremendous experience. I felt very lucky to be a part of such an acclaimed show for three years. Plus some of the most underrated comedy on television.

YA: Describe your favorite character you’ve played thus far. Who is he? What about him most resembles you?
It might be Eddie Stanky, the Dodgers 2nd baseman in the film 42. It was so fascinating to play a non-fictional person; the research that went into it was just very, very fun. I talked to his kids and a couple of ex-teammates. He seemed like the type of guy I aspire to be. Fiercely loyal, hard-nosed and passionate. His son said “he led the league in getting kicked out of games for fighting, but he never cussed in front of his kids and opened the car door for my mother every day until the day he died.” I thought that was very sweet. (Although I’ll probably cuss in front of my kids…little bastards.)

YA: What was it like working with the cast and crew of The Guest? Any other film projects on the horizon for you?
The Guest was really terrific. Those guys really know their craft, and they’re just running and gunning in the deserts of New Mexico. They all trust each other completely, and it pays off as their movies all play at huge film festivals. I was honored they let me come join in on the fun for a little bit.

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